creating a life

that is well lived and

on my terms

is at the heart of Designed By Lali. In a world of chaos, fast fashion, and throw-away culture, I craved reinventing the way I live and work. So I turned my dining room into a design studio. I am building my brand of handcrafted homewares and accessories in this space. My playfully imperfect designs are centered around my love for color, pattern, and sustainable sensibilities. 

my process

starts with

color and pattern

because it brings me joy! A good color palette and a great pattern are all you need to give new life to the most common objects. I start by creating a story filled with rich hues and playful shapes. I handprint all my textiles. I use a combination of lino blocks that I carve myself and simple wood cuttings. It's an unorthodox and self-taught block print method, and I love it! I print on 100% cotton canvas fabric which I then incorporate into all my designs. I love how my color and pattern stories give my products a playful aesthetic and consistency, yet no two pieces are ever the same. I like to think of it all as imperfectly perfect.


i believe that

no scrap of fabric should

be left behind

in my studio. I am intentional about the sustainability of my limited use of materials. I work with a combination of 100% cotton canvas and bull denim, jute, natural yarns, wood, and responsibly sourced leather remnants saved from landfills. I maximize my fabric cutting to ensure as little waste as possible. I use even the smallest leather scraps to make my earrings and trinkets. I make small batches for my online shop, offer a made-to-order service for custom work, and design exclusive small runs for a handful of local shops. The goal has always been slow organic growth with a commitment to handcrafted products made sustainably and with love.

the best

projects are


and I can't wait to work with you. I don't like making an abundance of products because it can be wasteful. My collections are edited, and my assortments are limited. I offer Made To Order service for several of my items. I can customize color, make additionals of an existing design, or remake something that may be out of stock. Don't hesitate to contact me with questions. I'm here to help!


small batch

wholesale orders are

now available

and I couldn't be more excited! Working with stockists was one of my goals and, quite frankly, the highlight of this past year. I am super proud and grateful for the relationships I've made so far and I'm excited for continued growth. Please contact me to learn more about my small exclusive wholesale runs and how we can partner up. I look forward to meeting you!

and community

celebration, generosity,

fostering joy,

coming summer 2022